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The inernet is a big place and it is not always easy getting noticed through all the clutter. You need the right tools and a great customer experience to get their attention. I can bring you the tools you need to optimize your web presence. This site was designed to demonstrate responsiveness with mobile devices so please check it out on your phone.

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About Me

Navy Chief's anchor
Coming from

I spent 22 years in the Navy working with amazing people. I learned a lot of skills, but probably the most important was tenacity and knowing how far I can push myself to accomplish my goals.

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Finished a transfer certificate for computer science, I've been accepted to finish my degree at Western Washington University. I'm in my first quarter and really enjoy what I'm doing, but doing it all remotely with schools closed creates interesting challenges.

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The future

I look forward to the opportunity to jump into being a full stack developer. With the high demands for work in the field I'd really like to help people with less exposure develop skills through apprenticeship and help them earn a certificate or degree as developers as well.

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You can navigate to the website or the repo to review the code. You can see the sites evolve as my knowledge improved.


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