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Get your webpage noticed!

The internet is a big place and it is not always easy getting noticed through all the clutter. You need the right tools and a great customer experience to get their attention. I can bring you the tools you need to optimize your web presence. This site was designed to demonstrate responsiveness with mobile devices so please check it out on your phone.

layers of code, and binary each at diferent depths and angles in 3d moving forward while scrolling up on a repeated loop

About Me

Navy Chief's anchor. A fouled golden anchor with the anchor chain looping back and forth behind it, and in Silver the letters U S N on front
Coming from

I spent 22 years in the Navy working with amazing people, and doing incredible things. I developed a laundry list of skills, but probably the most important was tenacity and knowing how far I can push myself to accomplish my goals. I was ready to start a new challenge, and finish an old dream.

Western Washington University Vikings logo. Everything on a blue backdrop The middle has a viking ship proudly riding up a wave centered in a silver circular field. This field has Western above and vikings below in silver following the curve of the circular field with and a silver ring around everything. The blue backdrop extends to the edges of the image.

I went back to school. First completing a transfer degree in computer science, I was accepted at Western Washington University to complete my BS in Computer Science. I recently graduated and while I feel like I've accomplished much, I know there is a larger journey of growth and development in front of me. I look forward to meeting new challenges and learning from those experiences.

A blue almost cloudless sky. A large white sign shaped to point to the foreground on a black pole scribed with the word 'ethics'. Behind and to the right is another black pole with other white signs pointing in different directions. Each with one of the following words from top down: Dilemma, values, right, compliance, morals, wrong, benefit, and choice.
The future

I look forward to the opportunity to jump into being a full stack developer. I want to focus on ethical programming. With accessibility concerns, and new rules on privacy, not only is it a financial concern, but one we owe to our communities that support the work we do. Additionally I'd like to bring the advantages of the internet to communities that have little access to it beyond being a user.

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You can navigate to the website or the repo to review the code. You can see the sites evolve as my skills improved.


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